Lucas Horenbout. Lucas Horenbout, often called Hornebolte in England, was a Flemish artist who moved to England in the mid-1520s and worked there as King's Painter and court miniaturist to King Henry VIII from 1525 until his death.
   He was trained in the final phase of Netherlandish illuminated manuscript painting, in which his father Gerard was an important figure, and was the founding painter of the long and distinct English tradition of portrait miniature painting. He has been suggested as the Master of the Cast Shadow Workshop, who produced royal portraits on panel in the 1520s or 1530s.
   Horenbout was born in Ghent, where he trained with his father, Gerard Horenbout, becoming a Master of the local Guild of Saint Luke in 1512. Gerard was an important Flemish manuscript illuminator in the dying days of that art-form, who had been court painter, from 1515 to about 1522, to Margaret of Austria, Regent of the Netherlands.
   Margaret was twice sister-in-law to Catherine of Aragon, still Henry's Queen when the Horenbouts came to England. Gerard is sometimes identified with the Master of James IV of Scotland, one of the many artistic personalities identified as a significant illuminator in the Ghent-Bruges school of the period, to whom no historical person can be attached.
   Horenbout came over to England at an unknown date with, or perhaps before, his sister Susannah Hornebolt and his father. It has be
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