Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is a public art school of higher education in Vienna, Austria.
   The Academy is famous outside the arts community for rejecting Adolf Hitler twice, because of his unfitness for painting. The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna was founded in 1692 as a private academy modelled on the Accademia di San Luca and the Parisien Académie de peinture et de sculpture by the court-painter Peter Strudel, who became the Praefectus Academiae Nostrae.
   In 1701 he was ennobled by Emperor Joseph I as Freiherr of the Empire. With his death in 1714, the academy temporarily closed.
   On 20 January 1725, Emperor Charles VI appointed the Frenchman Jacob van Schuppen as Prefect and Director of the Academy, which was refounded as the k.k. Hofakademie der Maler, Bildhauer und Baukunst.
   Upon Charles' death in 1740, the academy at first declined, however during the rule of his daughter Empress Maria Theresa, a new statute reformed the academy in 1751. The prestige of the academy grew during the deanships of Michelangelo Unterberger and Paul Troger, and in 1767 the archduchesses Maria Anna and Maria Carolina were made the first Honorary Members. In 1772, there were further reforms to the organisational structure. Chancellor Wenzel Anton Kaunitz integrated all existing art schools into the k.k. vereinigten Akademie der bildenden Künste. The word vereinigten was later dropped. In 1822 the
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