Information about This Website. Arthistoryreference is a tile-based App generated by Charlie's App Creator (CAC), a Pinterest-like App builder.
   To build an App, the CAC user downloads (or "pins" in Pinterst terms) tiles from the internet or a computer, where each tile contains an image and text. The user then specifies relationships among the downloaded tiles, and CAC generates an App where the tiles can be accessed and traversed via these relationships.
 In this Art History App, tiles represent, for example, Artist, Style, and Subject.
   The tiles at Blue Boy show that it is pendant of Pinkie, it was painted by Thomas Gainsborough, and that it is in Huntington Library. Press or click any of these tiles to access a new set of tiles.
   Selecting Thomas Gainsborough brings up a set of tiles with information about the artist, including a biography and images of paintings. If you select Pinkie, you get a set of tiles describing that painting.
 Other examples of Apps which can be built by people without programming experience using CAC include (1) Pharmaceuticals with tile types Compound, Condition,
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