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  Thomas Cole (1801 - 1848) 
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Artists who influenced Thomas Cole
Thomas Cole was an English-born American artist. He is regarded as the founder of the Hudson River School, an American art movement that flourished in the mid-19th century. Cole's Hudson River School, as well as his own work, was known for its realistic and detailed portrayal of American landscape and wilderness, which feature themes of romanticism and naturalism. He was born in Bolton, Lancas ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Thomas Cole

Joseph Mallord William Turner

View from Mount Holyoke, Oxbow
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Mount Aetna from Taormina
(Wadsworth Atheneum)

Frederic Church

John Constable

Course of Empire, Desolation
(New York Historical Society )

Sunset in Catskills
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Edward Hopper

John Martin

Monte Video
(Wadsworth Atheneum)

Italian Autumn
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

John Frederick Kensett

Claude Lorrain

Roman Campagna
(Wadsworth Atheneum)

View on Arno
(Worcester Art Museum)

Jasper Cropsey