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  Nicoḷ Rondinelli (a1495 - a1502) 
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Artists who influenced Nicoḷ Rondinelli
Italian painter. He may have been born in Ravenna, but he is first documented in the studio of Giovanni Bellini in Venice c. 1490 and was one of his master's more important pupils. He probably collaborated with Bellini on major projects; his own works of this period are small altarpieces derived from types established by Bellini, such as the Virgin and Child Watching a Bird, falsely signed Ioh ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Nicoḷ Rondinelli

Giovanni Bellini

Virgin and Child
(Fogg Museum)
 Art​History​Reference has no artists who were influenced by Nicoḷ Rondinelli.

Vittore Carpaccio

Cima da Conegliano

Marco Palmezzano