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  Hans Bol (1534 - 1593) 
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Artists who influenced Hans Bol
Hans Bol, was a Flemish painter. Bol was born in Mechelen. He received his early training from his two uncles who were also painters. He then was the apprentice to a Mechelen watercolorist and tempera painter at the age of fourteen. Because Bol’s watercolors became so widely reproduced, he began creating miniatures on parchment. The technique earned him many international clients and a good income ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Hans Bol

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Landscape with Road near Pond
(Fogg Museum)

Village Feast

Doetechum Brothers

Cornelis Massys

River Landscape
(Los Angeles County Museum)

Winter Landscape with Skaters
(National Gallery of Art)

Pieter van der Heyden

Joachim Patinir

Busy Village

View of Amsterdam from South

Roelandt Savery
Landscape with Fall of Icarus
(Museum Mayer van den Bergh)

Landscape with Scenes of Life of Diana

David Vinckboons