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  John Henry Twachtman (1853 - 1902) 
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Artists who influenced John Henry Twachtman
John Henry Twachtman was an American painter best known for his impressionist landscapes, though his painting style varied widely through his career. Art historians consider Twachtman's style of American Impressionism to be among the more personal and experimental of his generation. He was a member of The Ten, a loosely-allied group of American artists dissatisfied with professional art organi ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by John Henry Twachtman

Claude Monet

Niagara in Winter
(New Britain Museum of American Art)

Brook in Winter
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Childe Hassam

James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Cincinnati, Road Scene

(Worcester Art Museum)

Ernest Lawson

Theodore Robinson

Hemlock Pool
(Smithsonian American Art Museum)

Round Hill Road
(Smithsonian American Art Museum)

Frederic Remington

Gustave Courbet

Horseneck Falls, Greenwich
(Florence Griswold Museum)

(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

William Lathrop