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  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880 - 1938) 
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Artists who influenced Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was a German expressionist painter and printmaker and one of the founders of the artists group Die Brücke or The Bridge, a key group leading to the foundation of Expressionism in 20th-century art. He volunteered for army service in the First World War, but soon suffered a breakdown and was discharged. In 1933, his work was branded as degenerate by the Nazis and in 1937 over 6 ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Vincent van Gogh

Berlin Street Scene
(Neue Galerie)

Mountain Landscape from Clavadel
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Max Pechstein

Henri Matisse

Street in Dresden
(Museum of Modern Art)

Dodo with Big Fan

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

Edvard Munch

Bathers Beneath Trees, Fehmarn
(Norton Simon Museum)

Street in Berlin
(Museum of Modern Art)

Franz Marc

Kees van Dongen

Reclining Nude
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Dodo and Brother
(Smith College Museum of Art)

Erich Heckel