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  Allaert van Everdingen (1621 - 1675) 
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Artists who influenced Allaert van Everdingen
Dutch landscape and marine painter. He worked with Savery in Utrecht and Molyn in Haarlem. In the 1640s he visited Scandinavia, where he developed a taste for subjects inspired by the scenery there - above all mountain torrents - and helped to popularize such themes in the Netherlands. Jacob van Ruisdael, in his pictures of majestic waterfalls, was one of the artists influenced by him. Allaert was ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Allaert van Everdingen

Pieter de Molyn

Landscape with Cottage and Ruined Castle
(Fogg Museum)

Ships in Squall
(Musee du Louvre)

Jacob van Ruisdael

Jan Asselijn

Cannon Foundry, Sweden

Swedish Landscape with Mill

Ludolf Bakhuizen

Jan Porcellis

Ships at Sea
(Fogg Museum)

Castle by River Estuary
(Fogg Museum)

Jan van Kessel II

Cesar van Everdingen

(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Sylvan Landscape with Cottage and Figures
(Fogg Museum)

Roelant Roghman