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  Johannes Lingelbach (1622 - 1674) 
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Artists who influenced Johannes Lingelbach
When Northerners bought paintings of Rome, they wanted an "interpretation," not a historically accurate reconstruction of the city. After spending at least three years in Italy, Amsterdam-based Johannes Lingelbach developed an Italianate genre of painting that was imitated by Dutch artists who never set foot on the peninsula. Lingelbach was born in Germany, but his family moved to Amsterda ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Johannes Lingelbach

Philips Wouwerman

Street Scene with Capriccio of Roman Buildings
(Worcester Art Museum)

Battle Scene
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Meindert Hobbema

Pieter van Laer

Peasants Dancing
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Dam Square, Amsterdam, with New Town Hall under Construction
(Amsterdam Museum)

Jan Beerstraten

Jan Baptist Weenix

Peasants Loading Hay Cart
(National Gallery)

Return from Hunt

Antoni Goubau

Jan Miel

Extensive River Landscape with Peasants

Figures at Quayside
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Willem Schellinks