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  Gonzales Coques (c1616 - 1684) 
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Artists who influenced Gonzales Coques
Gonzales Coques (Der kleine Dyck) was born in Antwerp where he may have been baptised on 8 December 1614 and been the pupil of P. Brueghel II or III in 1626/7, although an engraved self-portrait and a later statement by the artist suggest he was born in 1618. Probably also the pupil of D. Ryckaert, whose daughter he married in 1643. He became a master in the Antwerp guild in 1640/1. An accomplishe ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Gonzales Coques

Anthony van Dyck

Picture Gallery

Family Group
(National Gallery)

Pieter Thijs

Peter Rubens

Cornelis de Bie

Portrait of a Woman as Saint Agnes
(National Gallery)

Gillis van Tilborgh

Pieter Brueghel the Younger

Young Scholor and Sister
(Schloss Wilhelmshöhe)

Equestrian Portrait of Elegant Couple and Servant

David Ryckaert III