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  Denys Calvaert (1540 - 1619) 
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Artists who influenced Denys Calvaert
Denis Calvaert was a Flemish painter born at Antwerp, who lived in Italy for most of his life, where he was known as Il Fiammingo. Calvaert was a profound student of architecture, anatomy, and history, his works are characterized by their advanced composition and colouring. After studying landscape-painting for some time in his native city, he first studied under Christiaen van Queecborn. He then ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Denys Calvaert


Christ at Column
(Clark Art Institute)

Christ in Purgatory

Guido Reni


Holy Family with Infant Saint John Baptist in Landscape
(Scottish National Gallery)

Presentation in Temple
(Courtauld Gallery)


Federico Barocci

Holy Family with Infant Saint John Baptist and Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Saint Jerome in Wilderness
(Fogg Museum)

Lavinia Fontana

Marten de Vos

Holy Family with Saints

Wedding at Cana

Paolo Fiammingo