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  Anton Raphael Mengs (1728 - 1779) 
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Artists who influenced Anton Raphael Mengs
German painter who was perhaps the leading artist of early Neoclassicism. Mengs studied under his father in Dresden, Saxony, and then in Rome. He became painter to the Saxon court in Dresden in 1745 and executed a large number of portraits, most in brightly coloured pastels. Mengs returned to Rome in the early 1750s, and about 1755 he became a close friend of the German archaeologist and art criti ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Anton Raphael Mengs

Pompeo Batoni

William Burton Conyngham
(Getty Museum)

John Garlies
(Los Angeles County Museum)

Francisco de Goya

Gavin Hamilton

Self Portrait

Johann Joachim Winckelmann
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Benjamin West


Portrait of a Man

Self Portrait

Henry Fuseli


Allegory of Truth

(Villa Albani)

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres