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  Giuseppe Recco (1634 - 1695) 
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Artists who influenced Giuseppe Recco
Giuseppe Recco was an Italian still life painter. Born in Naples, he likely apprenticed with his family, including his father Giacomo Recco and uncle Giovan Battista Recco. His children both son Nicolo and daughter Elena were also painters. A large part of his output was painted in Spain, where his assemblies of victuals, both vegetable and animal, were popular. It is claimed he was influenced by ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Giuseppe Recco

Evaristo Baschenis

Fish, Shells and Coral on Rocky Shore

Still Life with Flowers on Stone Ledge

Felice Boselli
Kitchen Still Life

Asparagus and Kid Goat on Table

Giacomo da Castello
Flowers in Vase on Plinth

Flowers in Vase on Plinth

Giovanni Battista Ruoppolo
Giacomo Francesco Cipper