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  Federico Zuccaro (c1541 - 1609) 
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Artists who influenced Federico Zuccaro
Federico Zuccari, also known as Federigo Zuccaro, was an Italian Mannerist painter and architect, active both in Italy and abroad. Zuccari was born at Sant'Angelo in Vado, near Urbino. His documented career as a painter began in 1550, when he moved to Rome to work under Taddeo, his elder brother. He went on to complete decorations for Pius IV, and help complete the fresco decorations at the Vi ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Federico Zuccaro


Dead Christ Supported by Angels
(Galleria Borghese)

Submission of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa to Pope Alexander III
(Getty Museum)

Hendrick Goltzius

Hans Holbein the Younger

Vision of Saint Eustace
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester
(British Museum)

Palma Giovane

Taddeo Zuccaro

Disputation of Saint Catherine of Alexandria
(National Gallery of Art)

Saint Peter's
(Getty Museum)

Giuseppe Cesari

Luca Cambiaso

Hunting Party
(British Museum)

Saint Roch Healing Plague-Stricken
(British Museum)

Cornelis Cort