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  Matteo Rosselli (1578 - 1650) 
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Artists who influenced Matteo Rosselli
Italian painter. An influential artist of the early 17th century in Florence, he is described by the early sources as being of a gentle disposition and as a dedicated and dignified painter, although he lacked originality and power. His work is characterized by the simplicity, descriptive naturalism and refined colour of the Counter-Reformation art created by such Tuscan artists as Santi di Tito, B ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Matteo Rosselli


Triumph of David
(Musee du Louvre)

Judith and Holofernes

Francesco Furini

Andrea del Sarto


Adoration of Shepherds

Cesare Dandini

Gregorio Pagani

Saint John Baptist

Head of Young Man

Jacopo Vignali

Bernardino Poccetti

Ferdinando I Works on Fortification of Livorno
(Casino Mediceo di San Marco)

Capture of Hippo
(Casino Mediceo di San Marco)

Lorenzo Lippi