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  Gaspar van Wittel (1653 - 1736) 
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Artists who influenced Gaspar van Wittel
Dutch painter, known in Italy as Gaspare Vanvitelli. He received his first training at Amersfoort, Holland, although he was in Rome by the time of the Jubilee of 1675. He worked as a draughtsman on a scheme for regulating the Tiber and this probably gave him the idea of making large and very accurate topographical drawings which could be worked up into 'vedute'; he therefore may be the lin ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Gaspar van Wittel

Jan van der Heyden

Rome, Apse of Saint Peter's Basilica

Naples, View of Darsena


Gerrit Berckheyde

View of Florence
(Wadsworth Atheneum)

Rome, Tiber River at Porto della Legna

Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Mathias Withoos

Rome, Tiber River at Porto di Ripa Grande

Bacino di San Marco

Giovanni Paolo Panini

Viviano Codazzi

Piazza Navona

Saint Peter's, Rome

Luca Carlevaris