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  Jan Sluijters (1881 - 1957) 
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Artists who influenced Jan Sluijters
Johannes Carolus Bernardus Sluijters, or Sluyters was a Dutch painter. Sluijters was a leading pioneer of various post-impressionist movements in the Netherlands. He experimented with several styles, including fauvism and cubism, finally settling on a colorful expressionism. His paintings feature nude studies, portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. A number of streets are named after him in the N ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jan Sluijters

Vincent van Gogh

Bal Tabarin
(Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam)

Greet van Cooten
(Dordrechts Museum)

Piet Mondrian

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Two Women Embracing
(Van Gogh Museum)

Seated Nude

Leo Gestel

Kees van Dongen

Jan Musch

Still Life with Rabbit and Fruit

Gustave de Smet
Still Life with Flowers and Fruit