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  Ludolf Bakhuizen (c1631 - 1708) 
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Artists who influenced Ludolf Bakhuizen
Ludolf Bakhuizen, whose name appears in the literature in a number of different forms (e.g. Bakhuysen, Backhuisen, Bakhuizen), was born in the German town of Emden on December 18, 1631. He was the son of a scribe, Gerhard Backhaus, and initially followed in his father's footsteps, working as a clerk in the government offices at Emden. After the family moved to Amsterdam in 1649, he held a si ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Ludolf Bakhuizen

Willem van de Velde I

Ships in Distress in Heavy Storm

Dutch Men-of-War Entering Mediterranean Port
(National Gallery)

Willem van de Velde II

Simon de Vlieger

Ships in Distress off Rocky Coast
(National Gallery of Art)

Dutch Men-of-War off Enkhuizen
(National Gallery)

Joseph Mallord William Turner

Allaert van Everdingen

View across River Y toward Amsterdam
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Ships Running Aground in Storm
(Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium)

Abraham Storck

Hendrik Dubbels

English Ships in Rough Sea
(National Gallery)

Coastal Scene with Vessels
(Detroit Institute of Arts)

Jan Claesz. Rietschoof