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  Jan Sadeler I (1550 - 1600) 
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Artists who influenced Jan Sadeler I
Draughtsman, engraver and publisher. He began work as a steel-chiseller or damascener but moved to Antwerp, where he was admitted to the Guild of St Luke in 1572 as a copperplate engraver. It was probably through Christoph Plantinís publishing house that Jan came into contact with members of the Dutch Reformed Church with which he had close links. Jan engraved illustrations for Plantin (e.g. for t ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jan Sadeler I

Hendrick Goltzius

Love Couple in Landscape by River
(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

Angel Appearing to Shepherds
(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

Francisco Ribalta

Annibale Carracci

Creation of Eve

Fall of Man

Robert Boissard


Angel Expelling Adam and Eve from Paradise

First Parents, Eve Suckling

Aegidius Sadeler II

Federico Barocci

Eve Tempting Adam

Creation of Adam