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  Edward Redfield (1869 - 1965) 
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Artists who influenced Edward Redfield
Born in Bridgeville, Delaware, he lived much of his life near New Hope in Bucks County, Pennsylvania where he did many landscapes, especially snowscenes of the area. He usually finished his paintings in "one go," sometimes strapping his canvas to a tree on blustery days. He was the stylistic leader of what became known as the New Hope Colony of painters. In the summers, he painted at Booth ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Edward Redfield

Robert Henri

Fleecydale Road
(Michener Art Museum)

Upper Delaware
(Michener Art Museum)

Walter Baum

William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Road to River

Stream in Snowy Field
(Michener Art Museum)

Theresa Ferber Bernstein

Walter Schofield

(Smithsonian American Art Museum)

Trout Brook
(Michener Art Museum)

George Sotter

Thomas Anshutz

Mill in Winter
(Corcoran Gallery)

Breaking of Winter

Charles Rosen