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  Jan van Os (1744 - 1808) 
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Artists who influenced Jan van Os
Painter and poet. After moving to The Hague at an early age, van Os was apprenticed to Aert Schouman. In 1773 he became a member of the painters’ club Pictura. Two years later he married the deaf-mute pen portraitist Susanna de La Croix, daughter of the French portraitist Pierre Frédéric de La Croix (1709–82), also a deaf-mute. Although van Os started his career with paintings of seascapes in the ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jan van Os

Willem van de Velde II

Still Life with Flowers, Fruit and Nude

Fruit and Flowers in Terracotta Vase
(National Gallery)

Wybrand Hendriks

Jan van Huysum

Still LIfe with Flowers

Still Life with Flowers and Fruit
(Fitzwilliam Museum)

Jacobus Linthorst

Aert Schouman

Dutch Ships in Breeze
(Musee du Louvre)

Fruit, Flowers and Fish
(National Gallery)

Johann Christian Roedig

Jan van de Cappelle

Still Life with Fruit
(Fitzwilliam Museum)

Flowers in Sculpted Vase on Marble Ledge

Georgius van Os