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  Pietro Rotari (1707 - 1762) 
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Artists who influenced Pietro Rotari
Pietro Rotari (Conte) studied drawing under Robert Van-Auden-Aerd, and then under Antonio Balestra. Studied in Venice, then in Rome with Francesco Trevisani, and Naples to work at the shop of Solimena. Back in Verona c1734, but left in 1754 for Vienna, and then Dresden at the invitation of August III of Poland. Worked in St. Petersburg for the Empress Elizabeth, and died there. ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Pietro Rotari

Guido Reni

Girl Writing Love Letter
(Norton Simon Museum)

Thetis Dipping Achilles in Styx
Art​History​Reference has no artists who were influenced by Pietro Rotari.

Francesco Solimena

Girl with Flower
(National Gallery of Art)

Sleeping Girl
(National Gallery of Art)

Francesco Trevisani

Girl in Lace Cap

Girl in Red Dress
(El Paso Museum of Art)

Antonio Balestra