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  Agostino Carracci (1557 - 1602) 
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Artists who influenced Agostino Carracci
Agostino Carracci was an Italian painter and printmaker. He was the brother of the more famous Annibale and cousin of Lodovico Carracci. He posited the ideal in nature, and was the founder of the competing school to the more gritty view of nature as expressed by Caravaggio. He was one of the founders of the Accademia degli Incamminati along with his brother, Annibale Carracci, and cousin, Ludovico ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Agostino Carracci

Paolo Veronese

Last Communion of Saint Jerome
(Pinacoteca Nazionale, Bologna)

Aurora and Cephalus (Farnese Ceiling 13)
(Palazzo Farnese)


Jacopo Tintoretto

Portrait of Titian
(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

Venus and Triton (Farnese Ceiling 12)
(Palazzo Farnese)

Annibale Carracci

Federico Barocci

Saint Jerome
(Fogg Museum)

Arrigo Peloso, Pietro Matto and Amon Nano
(Museo di Capodimonte)

Giovanni Lanfranco


Marriage of Saint Catherine
(Fogg Museum)

View (Great Crucifixion 2)
(Fogg Museum)

Bartolomeo Schedoni