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  Jonathan Richardson (1665 - 1745) 
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Artists who influenced Jonathan Richardson
Jonathan Richardson sometimes called the Elder to distinguish him from his son was an English artist, collector of drawings, and writer on art, working almost entirely as a portrait-painter in London. He was considered by some art-critics as one of the three foremost painters of his time. He was the master of Thomas Hudson and George Knapton. Richardson was even more influential as a writer; he is ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jonathan Richardson

Michael Dahl

Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington
(National Portrait Gallery)

Anne Cavendish
(Yale Center for British Art)

Charles Jervas

John Riley

Alexander Pope
(Yale Center for British Art)

Jonathan Richardson the Younger
(Tate Gallery)

Joshua Reynolds
John Balchen
(National Maritime Museum)

Self Portrait
(National Portrait Gallery)

Thomas Hudson
Thomas Watson-Wentworth

Robert Walpole

Andrea Soldi