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  Louis Artan (1837 - 1890) 
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Artists who influenced Louis Artan
Dutch painter. He began his painting career at the age of 20 in Spa, where he took lessons from the Romantic landscape painters E. Delvaux and H. Marcette. From 1858 he went every winter to Paris, where he was overwhelmed by the masterpieces in the Louvre. He worked in the Fontainebleau area and along the Seine, and became friendly with Courbet and Corot. In 1868, with his friend Louis Dubois, he ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Louis Artan

Gustave Courbet

(Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp)

Seascape, De Panne
(Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent)
Art​History​Reference has no artists who were influenced by Louis Artan.

Jean Baptiste Camille Corot

Climbing the Pole
(Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp)

Winter in Berck
(Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium)

Louis Dubois

Harbor Defences in Choppy Waters