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  Jan Andrea Lievens (1644 - 1680) 
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Artists who influenced Jan Andrea Lievens
Son of Jan Lievens, born in Antwerp. He is recorded as Jan Andries Lievens, Jan Andrea Lievens and Jan André Lievens. In 1666 he was assisting his father, and in 1668 he became a citizen of Amsterdam. In the same year he undertook to paint portraits of Gregorius van Kermt and his wife as Scipio and Pallas. In the second half of the 1660s, Jan Verkolje became his pupil. He died in 1680 in Amsterdam ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jan Andrea Lievens

Anthony van Dyck

Engel de Ruyter

Jan van Gelder

Jan Verkolje


Dirck Decker of Amsterdam
(Fitzwilliam Museum)

Landscape with Venus, Cupid and Satyrs
(British Museum)

Jan Lievens

Drinker with Glass and Pitcher

Pyramus Committing Suicide

Annibale Carracci