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 Poppi (1544 - 1597) 
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Artists who influenced Poppi
Francesco Morandini was an Italian painter active in Florence, working in a Mannerist style. He was also called il Poppi after his native town. He was a pupil of Vincenzo Borghini, and later he was Giorgio Vasari's assistant for many years. He participated in the Vincenzo Borghini and Giorgio Vasari-directed decoration of the Studiolo of Francesco I with two canvases: one relating a Alexander ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Poppi


Water Deities

Francesco de' Medici
Art​History​Reference has no artists who were influenced by Poppi.

Joannes Stradanus

Lamentation over Dead Christ

Madonna and Child with Saint Anne, Saint John Baptist and Archangel Michael

Andrea del Sarto

Saint Helena
(Walters Art Museum)

Dead Christ supported by Angels (studies)
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Giorgio Vasari

Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Head of Infant (studies)
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)