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  William Hodges (1744 - 1797) 
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Artists who influenced William Hodges
William Hodges RA was an English painter. He was a member of James Cook's second voyage to the Pacific Ocean, and is best known for the sketches and paintings of locations he visited on that voyage, including Table Bay, Tahiti, Easter Island, and the Antarctic. Hodges was born on 28 October 1744 in London. He studied under William Shipley, and afterwards in the studio of Richard Wilson, where ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by William Hodges

Joseph Wright of Derby

Jaques and Wounded Stag, As You Like it, II-1
(Yale Center for British Art)

War Galleys in Matavai Bay, Tahiti
(Yale Center for British Art)

Joseph Mallord William Turner

Richard Wilson

Camp of Augustus Cleveland

Cape Stephens in Cook Strait with Waterspout
(National Maritime Museum)

Thomas Jones

Marmalong Bridge
(Yale Center for British Art)

Tomb and Distant View of Rajmahal Hills
(Tate Gallery)

Gaspard Dughet

Monuments of Easter Island
(National Maritime Museum)

River Landscape with Monks