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  John Hamilton Mortimer (1740 - 1779) 
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Artists who influenced John Hamilton Mortimer
John Hamilton Mortimer ARA was a British Neoclassical figure and landscape painter and printmaker, known for romantic paintings set in Italy, works depicting conversations, and works drawn in the 1770s portraying war scenes, similar to those of Salvator Rosa. Mortimer became President of the Society of Artists in 1774, five years before his death, at age 39. John Hamilton Mortimer was born on 17? ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by John Hamilton Mortimer

Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Man and Boy Looking at Prints
(Yale Center for British Art)

Self Portrait with Father and Brother
(Yale Center for British Art)

William Blake

Joseph Wright of Derby

Sir Arthegal
(Tate Gallery)

West Gate of Pevensey Castle, Sussex
(Yale Center for British Art)

Francis Wheatley

Francesco Bartolozzi

Hero Decides to Seek Fortune
(Tate Gallery)

Hero's Father Blesses Departure
(Tate Gallery)

Thomas Rowlandson

Robert Edge Pine

Self Portrait with Student
(National Portrait Gallery)

Banditti Fishing

Thomas Stothard