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  Hendrick Fromantiou (c1634 - 1693) 
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Artists who influenced Hendrick Fromantiou
Dutch painter. In his youth, he produced works for the art dealer Gerrit van Uylenburgh in Amsterdam and from 1658 he was active in The Hague. In 1670 he was appointed as conservator of the royal collection in Potsdam. In 1671, when Van Uylenburgh tried to sell 13 paintings to Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg, Fromantiou successfully advised the Elector to send 12 pieces back as forgeries ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Hendrick Fromantiou

Jan Weenix

Trompe l'Oeil with Dead Partridge

Still Life with Birds
(Philadelphia Museum of Art)
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Willem van Aelst