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 Raffaellino del Colle (1490 - 1566) 
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Artists who influenced Raffaellino del Colle
Italian painter. He worked in a Mannerist style was active primarily in Umbria. He was a pupil of Raphael and an assistant in the Farnesina and the Vatican. After Raphael's death, Raffaellino worked under Giulio Romano in the Sala di Constantino in the Vatican. After the 1527 Sack of Rome, like most of Romano's studio and most of the foreign art community, Raffaellino and other artists dis ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Raffaellino del Colle


Adoration of Magi
(Vatican Pinacoteca)

Madonna of Veil
(Church of Corpus Domini)

Agnolo Bronzino

Giulio Romano

Baker Woman
(Galleria Borghese)

Adoration of Magi (cartoon)
(Vatican Pinacoteca)

Giorgio Vasari