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 Master of Baroncelli Portraits (a1480 - a1490) 
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Artists who influenced Master of Baroncelli Portraits
This anonymous master is understood to have been active in Bruges in the last decade of the fifteenth century, working under the influence of Petrus Christus and Hans Memling. He owes his name to the double portraits in the Uffizi, Florence, whose sitters were identified by Aby Warburg in 1902 as Pietro Bandini Baroncelli, of the Medici bank in Bruges, and his wife Maria Bonciani. A second work se ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Master of Baroncelli Portraits

Hans Memling


Saint Catherine of Bologna with Donors
(Courtauld Gallery)

Master of Legend of Saint Lucy

Master of Legend of Saint Ursula

Pierantonio Baroncelli

Maria Bonciani

Petrus Christus