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  Jan Wierix (1549 - c1619) 
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Artists who influenced Jan Wierix
Jan Wierix was born in Antwerp in 1549 and died in Brussels about 1618. He was an engraver, draughtsman and publisher. His first dated prints were published as early as 1568. By 1569 he was working for Christoph Plantin's publishing house, the Officina Plantiniana, and living in the Lombaardevest, among many other booksellers and engravers. He continued to work for a variety of publishers, as ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jan Wierix

Albrecht Dürer

Drunkard Pushed into Pigsty (Bastelaer 164)
(British Museum)

Rearing Horse
(British Museum)

Hendrik Hondius

Marten de Vos

Joannes Goropius Becanus
(British Museum)

Hieronymus Beck
(British Museum)

Willem Jacobsz. Delff

Frans Floris

Henry Garnett
(British Museum)

Peasant and Wife
(British Museum)

Hieronymus Wierix

Gillis Mostaert

Expulsion from Paradise
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Jan Van Amstel
(British Parlement)