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  Francesco Bacchiacca (1494 - 1557) 
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Artists who influenced Francesco Bacchiacca
As a student of the artist Perugino, Francesco Bacchiacca (Ubertini) developed an eclectic and highly personal artistic style that retained something of his training in the Renaissance precepts of balance, clarity, and order even as he absorbed Mannerism's playful distortions of these rules. Bacchiacca borrowed from numerous sources, including the work of northern artists such as Albrecht Düre ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Francesco Bacchiacca

Albrecht Dürer

Madonna and Child with Saint John Baptist

Eve with Cain and Abel
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Art​History​Reference has no artists who were influenced by Francesco Bacchiacca.


Woman with Book of Music
(Getty Museum)

Joseph Receives His Brothers
(National Gallery)

Andrea del Sarto

Madonna and Child
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Joseph Pardons His Brothers
(National Gallery)

Pietro Perugino

Baptism of Christ with Saints
(San Nicolao)

Leda and Swan
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)