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 Zhao Shao’ang (1905 - 1998) 
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Artists who influenced Zhao Shao’ang
Chinese painter. His father died when Shao’ang was very young and he had to work for his living as a boy, initially studying on his own until 1921, when he was accepted as a student at the private art school set up by Gao Qifeng. In 1925 he established the Lingnan Institute of Plate-making, studying the techniques of plate-making and designing posters by himself. Between 1927 and 1928 he took a te ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Zhao Shao’ang

Gao Qifeng

White Tiger

Snowy Pond
Art​History​Reference has no artists who were influenced by Zhao Shao’ang.
Boats at Sunset

Flowers and Bird