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  Johann Wilhelm Baur (1607 - 1642) 
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Artists who influenced Johann Wilhelm Baur
German etcher and painter, active in Italy and Austria. His outstanding miniatures and etchings, introducing new forms of the veduta, were long influential in Germany and Austria. His father and grandfather were respected goldsmiths. In the Strassburg workshop of Friedrich Brentel I he learned drawing, etching and painting on parchment. His earliest known work, a leaf from an album amicorum with C ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Johann Wilhelm Baur

Wenceslas Hollar

Hercules Shoots Nessus Carrying Deianeira (Metamorphoses 84)
(Fogg Museum)

Abduction of Europa (Metamorphoses 26)
(Fogg Museum)
Art​History​Reference has no artists who were influenced by Johann Wilhelm Baur.

Jacques Callot

Hesione Offered by Laomedon to Sea Monster (Metamorphoses 103)
(Fogg Museum)

Acis and Galatea (Metamorphoses 128)
(Fogg Museum)

Antonio Tempesta

Hippomenes Racing Atalanta (Metamorphoses 98)
(Fogg Museum)

Actaeon Killed by Dogs (Metamorphoses 30)
(Fogg Museum)

Adam Elsheimer

Hunt for Calydonian Boar (Metamorphoses 76)
(Fogg Museum)

Aeneas in Hades (Metamorphoses 133)
(Fogg Museum)