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  Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli (a1495 - c1540) 
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Artists who influenced Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli
Italian painter. He may have been present in or near Leonardo’s Milanese workshop before the end of the 15th century, although the surviving paintings usually connected with him belong stylistically to the period between 1510 and 1530. The recent discovery of documents and paintings related to his presence in Savona in 1537 excludes the previous identifications of the artists with Giovanni Pedrini ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli

Leonardo da Vinci

Huntress Diana
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Virgin and Child with Saint Jerome
(Courtauld Gallery)

Giovanni Francesco Caroto

Bernardino Luini

Leda and Children
(Schloss Wilhelmshöhe)

Virgin and Child

Giulio Cesare Procaccini
Virgin and Child

Penitent Magdalene

Daniele Crespi
Madonna and Child with Saints Stephen and John Baptist

(Chazen Museum of Art)