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  José de Ibarra (1688 - 1756) 
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Artists who influenced José de Ibarra
Mexican painter. His earliest known work belongs to the 1720s, after which time he produced numerous religious paintings, including a series of panels devoted to female figures in the Gospels such as the Woman Taken in Adultery, the Samaritan Woman and Mary Magdalene in Simon’s House (all Mexico City, Pin. Virreinal). Other works include St Anthony, the Dream of St Joseph, a Pietà, the Coronation ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by José de Ibarra

Juan Rodríguez Juárez

Saint Bernardino of Siena Healing Sick
(Los Angeles County Museum)

Christ of Ixmiquilpan
(Denver Art Museum)

Miguel Cabrera

Juan Correa

Mestizo and Spaniard Produce Castizo
(Museo de América)

Castizo and Spaniard Produce Spaniard
(Museo de América)
Spaniard and Indian Produce Mestizo
(Museo de América)

Otomí Indians
Black and Indian Produce Wolf

Garden of Eden