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  Luis Juárez (c1585 - c1639) 
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Artists who influenced Luis Juárez
Luis Juárez was probably born in Mexico. Most of his paintings were dated between 1610 and 1630. His works, with those of Baltasar de Echave Ibía and Fray Alonso López de Herrera, represent the Counter-Reformation "prosaic" style in Mexico, in which ecstatic holy figures were often portrayed in an intimate, direct way. Juárez left an important artistic legacy, among which should be counted ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Luis Juárez

Alonso López de Herrera

Marriage of Virgin
(Figge Art Museum)

Immaculate Conception

Juan Rodríguez Juárez

Baltasar de Echave Orio

Birth of Virgin
(Denver Art Museum)
Nicolás Rodríguez Juárez
José Juárez
Francisco Antonio Vallejo