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  José de Alcíbar (a1751 - 1803) 
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Artists who influenced José de Alcíbar
He worked from 1751 to 1803. There are among his best-known works five altars that adorned the Chapel of San Nicolás Tolentino, in the Real Hospital of Indians, done in 1781. In 1786 he painted two oils for a pennant of Santiago’s Galicians cofrades, who had their altar in the chapel of the Third Order in the convent of San Francisco in Mexico. In the temple of San Marcos' sacristy in Aguascal ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by José de Alcíbar

Miguel Cabrera

Ministry of Saint Joseph
(Museo Nacional de Arte)

Sor María Ana Josefa de San Ignacio
(Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest)

Andrés López
Spaniard and Black Produce Mulatto
(Denver Art Museum)

San Juan Nepomuceno