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  Juan Soriano (1920 - 2006) 
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Artists who influenced Juan Soriano
Mexican painter and sculptor. Soriano was born in Guadalajara and displayed his first painting at age 14. He moved to Mexico City in 1935, where after a difficult start he was accepted into the local art scene. He became a member of the Mexican School cultural movement also featuring Frida Kahlo and poet Octavio Paz. He also joined the League of Revolutionary Writers and Artists. Soriano experimen ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Juan Soriano

Salvador Dalí

Girl with Mask
(Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Girl with Bouquet
(Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Manuel González Serrano

René Magritte


Still Life
(Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Diego Rivera

Dead Girl
(Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Lupe Marín

Paul Delvaux

Lupe Marín, #10

Bartered Bride