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  Johann Wilhelm Preyer (1803 - 1889) 
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Artists who influenced Johann Wilhelm Preyer
German painter. He studied at the Dusseldorf Kunstakademie and was recognized as a master of genre and flower painting by 1830. In 1835 he studied the Dutch masters at The Hague and Amsterdam; he also went on two study trips to Italy. He continued training in Munich and gradually began to expand his early, small-scale landscapes in the manner of Jan Brueghel the Elder by adding still-life motifs. ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Johann Wilhelm Preyer

Jan Brueghel the Elder

Still Life with Fruit on Marble Table Top
(Neue Nationalgalerie)

Still Life with Fruit and Roemer
(Neue Nationalgalerie)

Severin Roesen
Fruit in Porcelain Dish
(Neue Nationalgalerie)

Flowers in Pitcher
(Neue Nationalgalerie)

Helen Searle
Emilie Preyer