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 Shi Lu (1919 - 1982) 
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Artists who influenced Shi Lu
Chinese painter, born in Renshou, Sichuan Province, started to learn painting encouraged by Feng Jianwu, his elder brother. He entered Chengdu Oriental Art Training School in 1934 and laid a solid foundation of painting. In the 1940s he went to Yan'an and created many print, New Year pictures and strip cartoon paintings of revolutionary themes. He settled down in Xi'an in 1950s and resumed ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Shi Lu

Zhao Wangyun

Stately Pines on Mount Hua
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Fighting in Northern Shaanxi
(National Art Museum of China)
Art​History​Reference has no artists who were influenced by Shi Lu.
Plum Blossoms

(National Art Museum of China)
Snake Charmer

Chinese Worker

Traveling to Nanniwan
(China Fine Art Gallery)