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 Li Keran (1907 - 1989) 
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Artists who influenced Li Keran
Chinese painter. The son of a poor peasant family, Li studied painting under Pan Tianshou in 1923 at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Art, then in 1929 enrolled in graduate studies in oil painting and drawing at the National Academy of Art in Hangzhou, Jiangsu Province. The director of the Academy, Lin Fengmian, was a modernist who helped to introduce Western art techniques to China. While in Hangzhou ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Li Keran

Qi Baishi

Mount Lushan

Tiered Waterfalls

Cheng Shifa

Huang Binhong

Landscape in Guilin

Peach Blossoms in Thin Drizzle

Lin Fengmian

Sailing on River Li

Landscape with Rainbow

Pan Tianshou

Sunset after Rain

Drizzly Sunset