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 Pan Tianshou (1898 - 1971) 
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Artists who influenced Pan Tianshou
Born in Ninghai, Zhejiang, Pan Tianshou received his first artistic training under Li Shutong at the Zhejiang First Normal School in Hangzhou. He taught from 1923 to 1928 in Shanghai, and except for a short visit to Japan in 1929, spent the rest of his life as an art teacher. For much of his career he taught at the national academy in Hangzhou, which was a bastion of French modernism. Throughout h ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Pan Tianshou
Art​History​Reference has no artists who influenced Pan Tianshou.

Pine and Rock

Li Keran
Black Chicken
(Pan Tianshou Memorial)

Red Lotus

Wu Guanzhong
Li Kuchan