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 Pu Xinyu (1896 - 1963) 
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Artists who influenced Pu Xinyu
Chinese painter, calligrapher and poet. P'u was a descendant of the Qing imperial line (1644-1911), and his life was adversely affected by the fall of the dynasty. He received a classical education and learnt to paint by copying the works of ancient masters in the family collection. His reputation was well established by the 1930s; he and Zhang Daqian were known as Zhang of the South and Pu ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Pu Xinyu
Art​History​Reference has no artists who influenced Pu Xinyu.
Birds on Snowy Mountain

Birds on Snowy Mountain

Zhang Daqian
Geese in Autumn Landscape

Lakes and Mountains
Arhat (detail)

Winter Herding
Return from Sailing

Drizzling Misty Mountain