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 Xiao Yuncong (1596 - 1673) 
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Artists who influenced Xiao Yuncong
Chinese landscape painter, calligrapher, and poet in the late Ming Dynasty. Xiao was born in Wuhu in the Anhui province. His style name was Chimu and his sobriquets were Mosi, Wumen Daoren, and Zhongshan Laoren. Xiao utilized dry and twisting brushstrokes with strength in his landscapes. In calligraphy, he produced the work Mei Hua Tang Posthumous manuscript. more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Xiao Yuncong
Art​History​Reference has no artists who influenced Xiao Yuncong.
Pure Tones among Hills and Waters (detail)
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Mountains and Rivers (detail)
(Los Angeles County Museum)
Art​History​Reference has no artists who were influenced by Xiao Yuncong.
Reading in Snowy Mountains
(Palace Museum)

Travelers in Autumn Mountains (detail)
(Tokyo National Museum)
Spring (Seasonal Landscapes 4)
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Streamside by Evening (Seasonal Landscapes 3)
(Cleveland Museum of Art)
Autumn with Artist Traveling (Seasonal Landscapes 5)
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Late Winter Blossoming Plum (Seasonal Landscapes 8)
(Cleveland Museum of Art)