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 Chen Chun (1483 - 1544) 
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Artists who influenced Chen Chun
Chinese painter born into a wealthy family of scholar-officials in Suzhou. He learned calligraphy from Wen Zhengming. He later broke with Wen to favor a more free-style method of "ink and wash" paintings. He was associated with the Wu school of literari painting. Mi Fu of the Song Dynasty had a strong influence on his work. He did many landscapes, but to a degree is noted as a "flower ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Chen Chun

Wen Zhengming

Rock and Flowers
(National Palace Museum)

Cloudy Mountains in Style of Mi Youren (detail)
(Freer Gallery of Art)

Chen Shizeng

Mi Youren

Stormy Ninth Day of Ninth Month
(National Palace Museum)


Yun Shouping
Birds and Flowers