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 Dai Jin (1388 - 1462).) 
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Artists who influenced Dai Jin
Chinese painter. An account by Lang Ying (b 1487) provides the most extensive early biography of Dai Jin. As a young man, probably in the 1410s, Dai travelled to the capital at Nanjing with his father, who presumably worked there in some official capacity. Dai failed to make a name for himself in the capital and returned to Qiantang to resume his study of painting, which he had probably begun with ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Dai Jin

Xia Gui

(National Palace Museum)

Hermit Resting by Stream
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Wu Wei
Herdsman with Bull
(National Palace Museum)

Night Excursion of Zhong Kui
(Palace Museum)

Lan Ying
Gathering of Scholars
(National Palace Museum)

Returning Home from Spring Outing
(National Palace Museum)

Xu Wei
Rain and Bamboo
(National Palace Museum)

Fishing on Banks of Wei River
(National Palace Museum)

Zhang Lu